I paint in the genre of abstract expressionism. I don’t have sketches when I work. I let the artwork grow out of a creative journey with different tools, such as brushes, scrapers, rags, crayons and pencils. It is a dance between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. The creative part stands for imagination and unique expression and the logical part stands for analysis, composition and critical thinking.

I have worked my entire career as an Art Director so I have always been involved in composition and form in one way or another. Each artwork is unique and the inspiration comes from nature, state environments, memories, music and whatever inspires me at the moment.

Artists who have had a great influence on my art are: Willem de Kooning, Hans Hofmann and Antoni Tàpies. In my creative process, I start intuitively and adjust the composition as the painting begins to take shape. At some point during the process, a strong expression presents itself that I choose to complete into a unique and personal work of art.

Ulf Finndahl contemporary artist
Ulf Finndahl